What’s your community?

Frauke, your comment made me think.

I saw a video on a female social entrepreneur ‘Albina Ruiz’ in Peru yesterday made it hard for me not to be moved. I felt a strange feeling, as I am half Bolivian and my dream is to do work that impacts Bolivia in a positive way.

It made me think – people who just get up and DO things are moving, as we saw at the IMAGINE conference. It is those people that give you the feeling that it is not as complicated as you think. That YOU TOO can do it.

I thought also, it’s vital to be immersed into to the right kind of community for you. Even if it is formed by disparate connections in different places. It still can become your community…  enough people that spark you; because they feel the same, because they have taken steps that you don’t dare to take quite yet,  because they feel the same but have a different approach (that even might annoy you – but makes you feel more alive for knowing them). Because they appreciate the steps you have taken and can be inspired by you. For all these different reasons…

I started to connect with ‘my kind of community’ when I was dissatisfied in my career. I started going to Fast Company get-togethers in London (Fast Company is a magazine that came out during the dot com boom that also contained within it a social call to action). In the first event I met around 5 people and it makes me smile to think now, but I am working with those same five people in different ways today. They formed part of my community instantly and the bond was never broken. How could it be?

Some of the work I do is around storytelling. We use myths/folk tales like Die Haessliche Enten/The Ugly Duckling, which contain incredible cultural wisdoms, as recognised by the brothers Grimm 🙂. You remember from the story, the the ugly duckling is looking for its pack, it is the archetypal st ory of people who get thrown into exile and must wander until they find their pack. And there is one moment, when the duckling sees these beautiful creatures fly over head – a pack of swans, he feels strangely moved, and does not understand that feeling. Of course, we the reader know that the ugly duckling is in fact one of those strange creatures, he just doesn’t know it yet and later the pack will see him, and he will at that moment finally realise that he is one of them.

It made me think, when you feel that strange, moved feeling, there is a good reason. It is an important feeling and should be given attention. I felt it those 8/9 years ago when I first found out about Fast Company and then when I first bumped into the Pioneers of Change. (www.pioneersofchange.net). I felt it now again when I saw the video on Peru.

In the U-Process they describe a certain kind of moment: when you ‘feel your future calling’. All I can say is that this kind of moment is moving. And it is deep. And maybe it takes a while before we fully understand it. But that does not mean we cannot act on it. Maybe we must act on it.. Maybe it is the most important thing we can do.



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Eine Antwort zu What’s your community?

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    And Sofia just reminded me about a Fast Company article about a group of AIESEC trainees at PwC London who have introduced CSR to the company’s agenda: http://www.fastcompany.com/online/30/toolbox2.html

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