Namaste from India!

Hi Imagine,
I was at the Imagine conference in 2005!
Just as a sidenote, there are two things that I took home from Imagine that now dominate my life. One, at the time of Imagine I knew what kind of work I wanted to do but I did not know which path to take to get there. Imagine gave me new confidence to be flexible and grap the opportunities that come along. And now I am in New Delhi working at the UN on disaster management and loving it! The second thing that has driven me since Imagine is the presentation of We Are What We Do. It has stayed close to my heart and life and before I knew it I had become a promoter of the movement in India. And let me tell you, some ideas are really revolutionary here!
That’s the update from me for now. Looking forward to be in touch with you all!

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Eine Antwort zu Namaste from India!

  1. olasofia schreibt:

    hey Caroline..this is inspiring to hear about the important work of disaster management for the UN and that you are doing it with the ‚We are what you do‘ spirit in you…

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