Changing the World is Not Enough

Is social entrepreneurship ready for the real challenge?

As a social entrepreneur, I worry. Changing the world through the work of one social entrepreneur at a time is not good enough. Improving life for even one person is worthy. It changes the world…one heartbeat at a time. And sooner or later, as life for enough people is changed for the positive we will reach a tipping point beyond which the entire world will change itself into a better place. I believe this will happen, given time.

But what if it doesn’t happen soon enough? What if we don’t have the time it will take? What if the world tips the other way first? Some days, for every tip toward a better world there is an opposite and greater tip toward a horrific world. What if those days overpower the good days?

A new wilderness is engulfing us. How we see this forest for its trees and who leads us through it could make the difference between life and death for civilization as we know it.

Social entrepreneurship is the manner of leadership that can restore a global vision of a better world. But social entrepreneurs will need to reach higher, think bigger and work harder. Changing the world is not enough. Social entrepreneurs need to save the world.

If we make it across the new frontier and tame this wilderness of beliefs and ideas as we go, we will discover a world beyond imagination. If we don’t make it…that’s beyond imagination too.

• Are we social entrepreneurs today looking honestly around us and far enough into the future?

• We know social entrepreneurs can change the world. But can we save the world?

• Is there more we should be doing?

Please take a couple minutes to weigh in on these questions.

Call me crazy, but an exchange of ideas here just might take us all a step closer to saving the world.

Join in the conversation

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Eine Antwort zu Changing the World is Not Enough

  1. olasofia schreibt:

    Frauke – yes..
    I think it is so easy to get used to aiming for less…and forgetting what is possible. I did… and being at the Imagine Conference re-invigorated me. Especially seeing the social entrepreneurs and what they had done..I realise I want to do whatever it takes to keep aiming higher and higher.. but not being Icarus and flying too clos to the sun.. but keeping the landscape bright.. expansive.. feet on the ground… but light..and darkness too in their proper balance… and re-member-ing remembering the deep simple purpose that is working through us…

    and people who ‚are doing it’… thank goodness for these people.. they are the tangible evidence, proof, inspiration, reminder…I love that quote that says ‚dont interrupt people who are doing it to tell them that it is not possible’…

    and you.. in such a small time you have seemingly sprung in the various circles I inhabit.. and you are doing small steps each time .. living the spirit of WAWWD..thanks for doing 😉

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