Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us

The web has become more than just a technology. Have a look at this video to understand what you became part of already:

Looking back at two Imagine conferences, I wonder how interested you are in technology. Although I couldn’t find a topical interest in technology itself, most of you use various technologies effectively to achieve your goals.

I see some similarities between the mindset of Imaginers and the mindset of people interested primarily in technology (Well, that’s why I joined you). It could be an interesting idea to connect people from both worlds just to see what happens.

To find out, here are some excerpts from the ethics some technology specialists (sometimes referred to as ‚hackers‘) believe in:

  • Above all else, do no harm.
  • Protect privacy.
  • Waste not, want not. Resources should not lie idle and wasted.
  • Exceed limitations. Limitations must be overcome.
  • Communicate. People have the right to communicate and associate with their peers freely.
  • Leave no traces. Keep quiet, so everyone can enjoy what you have.
  • Share. Information increases in value by sharing it with the maximum number of people; don’t hoard, don’t hide.
  • Defend yourself to overcome larger, more impersonal, more powerful forces that can control your life.
  • Find problems, and tell people how to fix them.
  • Constantly test the integrity of systems and find ways to improve them.

Does that sound familiar?
Do you see any parallels to your thinking?
Or is this just some other people’s business?

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2 Antworten zu Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us

  1. olasofia schreibt:

    omg (oh my God)

    this is a fantastic video..

    At the end it talks about the new type of thinking that we are going to need.

    This is part of what is called ‚the peer-to-peer‘ world that we are ‚living into‘ and experiencing… the implications, and new underlying paradigm shift of which we are only slowly becoming conscious of‘

    I recommend this article that will help immensly to understand it:


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