How Many Earths?

How many earths would we need if everyone lived like you?
Take this quiz to find out:

I got out at 3.2 worlds. Looks like there’s still some room to improve…

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3 Antworten zu How Many Earths?

  1. Kirsten schreibt:

    My footprint is too big as well… 1,7 worlds… maybe I should shut down my computer more often? bit I will definitively do so on March 24 and participate in the Shutdown Day!!

  2. fraukegodat schreibt:

    Well, why don’t you design your individual training programme „Footprint Diet“ from 😉

    And also, do you know your carbon footprint?

  3. Oscars goes green schreibt:

    Just saw the Oscars Academic Award and was thrilled to hear that the Oscars has gone green – inspired by Al Gore’s Inconvinient Truth, which by the way for the first time explained to me in a easy to understand way how all the different aspects and theories tie into each other.
    Check it out at
    and how the Oscars went green

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