Second Life ‚optimists‘ gathering

Wow, 3 days into Second Life and we had our first circle discussion (actually, the meeting was another outcome of the OpenSpace session at Imagine) in SL!

We, that is Sofia, Mark (from the Pioneers of Change Cultivation Unit), Andrew from Learning House in London and myself.

Absolutely amazing: we started off with a warm-up drumming session on Better World Island:


(click on picture to enlarge)

We then moved into a cirlce conversation in the Peace and Justice Center exploring questions like:

  • What has brought us here into SL today?
  • How are we all connected to Sofia? 😉 (Sofia says: “only as a starting point cos we didnt all know each other but I did. It was our way of introducing each other. We realise even a check-in is a new type of experience in SL- when you see the avatar but dont quite know the person behind it yet..we are learning.. come learn with us!“)
  • What have been our experiences so far in SL?
  • How can we create a hub for social innovation and change in SL?
  • What would we like 1 million people to do to change the world?
  • How can we continue our explorations in SL together?


(click on picture to enlarge)

I actually was the first one to ask about dancing possibilities in SL (I am the last one to do that in real life 😉 ) and we ended up in a techno rave festival: me dancing flying in midair (sorry, forgot to take a picture there but I have witnesses!)

We casually meet Friday late afternoons now, so if you would like to join in just drop Sofia or me a line!

By the way, anyone up for the SL Socrates Café on early Wednesday morning next week? Let’s see, if I can drag myself out of bed for this 🙂

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