AIESEC Alumni who IMAGINEd: Marianne Knuth



Marianne Knuth’s story:

The story of Marianne Knuth is a story of achieving a unique perspective and following the passion of conviction.

Perspective. When Marianne’s family moved from Denmark to Zimbabwe during her childhood, a new reality confronted her. Many modern Western amenities were absent, yet she found a love of nature and a sense of community that had not been present in the West. With family still in Europe and Africa, Marianne spent time in both environments growing up. She went to school during the year in Denmark but returned to Zimbabwe in the summers. Her schooling continued in Denmark after her high school years as she advanced on to her undergraduate and master’s degree. The perspective that her experiences had given her precluded Marianne from settling for a Western corporate job. Rather, she felt called to embrace the conviction of her passion.

It was this passion that led Marianne to establish a learning center in Zimbabwe to contribute to the creation of healthy, vibrant communities. Kufunda Village is a small learning village. Kufunda has model compost toilets, herbal remedy projects, day care centers for AIDS orphans, and more initiatives underway in several rural communities.

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Eine Antwort zu AIESEC Alumni who IMAGINEd: Marianne Knuth

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    A fellow social change host, Ria from Belgium, has just been to Kufunda village for an Art of Hosting in January. She wrote some reflection down on her blog:

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