Education in Second Life

First of all, I learned today in Second Life where to get free clothes, to change into a new outfit, get rid of my tale, change the day-time…and then I went for the Trinity College Dublin „Education in SL“ conference:

(click on picture to enlarge)

It was a bit crowded and my poor little laptop was really working hard on the graphics.

It was doing well for the intro: a speaker that I wasn’t seeing introduced the process. It got worse when they started with a video about the Harvard Law School: they use wikis and blogs to support their virtual classes in SL.

After that they turned off the voice that I was hearing clearly but others not and started to explain everything through chatting, which I missed completely. And chaos started when we were supposed to split up into two groups: I did not get the questions, I did not know where to go and my system was slowing down stopping me from going anywhere and cutting into receiving chat messages.

So I flew to a corner and was „listening“ into some chat conversations around me and at the same time watching a video about „Global Kids in Second Life“ a New York-based educational organization that is running an online leadership program in SL Teens.

And then that was it for my graphic card: I could neither move nor listen to a conversation properly and I left SL a bit frustrated with these qustions on my mind:

  • How is learning in SL different to learning in RL?
  • What can you learn in SL?
  • How can you create a learning experience in a chat room?

More SL learning experiences to follow soon!

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2 Antworten zu Education in Second Life

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    More links with interesting SL education knowledge:

    There is a group called „Real Life Education in Second
    Life.“ It’s easy to find (just click the Find button, select Groups,
    and type in „education“), and anyone can join.

    And there are mailing lists that you can sign up to

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