In the Wombat’s Words

Well thank you Stefan to last week’s hosting..and to Frauke’s solid posting trail 😉 here I take the batton and start a week of blog hosting.

You know the idea was that each person would simply commit to one entry a week. And yet the hosts so far have posted more than one.

Funny how, often when the the first step in any venture is not too big, it is likely you will overshoot and do more. Isn’t that so much more effective than aiming too high, and being demotivated to continue. 🙂 A trick I use to start a task that I am avoiding is to set the first step to be really small and tell myself I can stop after this point if I should wish, or take a break. This really works for me and chances are I will keep going.


Well I wanted to introduce you this week to The Wombat. He is in this very short video clip, and comes with a strong and simple message that is relevant to every concerned citizen. Amongst my colleagues we have also used the video in training purposes to lighten the topic of sustainability and ecology. You may want to do the same.

This is how it is described at Global Mindshift’s website:

„The Wombat speaks, and he’s smarter than you so, so listen up!. In less than a minute, this rapid-fire animation tells you everything you need to know about how to get along on earth for the next million years.“

Just click on the link below to see it:

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