The Best School For The World

A couple of weeks back, I attended a Kaospilots Netherlands workshop.

Kaospilots is a new school that aims to educate young entrepreneurs and social innovators. Young adults will learn to create starting from their passion and dreams, finding balance with social and environmental needs and keeping eye on the global context. During the course of the three years that the program lasts, they will gain nuanced knowledge, practical experience, and a cultural understanding of the school’s three core disciplines: project design, process design, and business design.

In the workshop, we experienced some of the Kaospilots values:
– Playful – It has to be motivational, creative and constructive to be at the KaosPilots.
– Real World – We have to work with authentic projects.
– Streetwise – We should always think about young people and be aware of what’s going on out there – at street level.
– Risk-taking – There has to be courage and a willingness to take risks.
– Balance – There has to be harmony between body and soul, form and content and between economic, human and time resources.
– Compassion – There always has to be empathy and social responsibility.

In the risk-taking part, I had the opportunity to get views on the We Are What We Do developments in Holland by other participants and new questions evolved to develop WAWWD Holland further:

  • Do I want to be in the driver’s seat of WAWWD Holland? Or do I want to be the engine?
  • Does the project coordinator for WAWWD Holland need to be Dutch?
  • How to balance leadership and unconditional leadership?

Furthermore, we discussed possibilities of finding 150 applicants for Kaospilots NL Team 1 to start flying in September 2007. Maybe you are interested to join?

Here are some stories of people who have been involved with Kaospilots:

Maria, Team 11 KP Denmark, Internship with KP NL
Guus, Merel, and Lena have already applied for Team 1
Nike and Morten are Graduates from KP Denmark
Henrique is an AIESEC alumni and has just joined Team 13 in Denmark

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Eine Antwort zu The Best School For The World

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    I posted a link in the Dropping Knowledge forum „Questions that matter to you“ in XING:

    And received this comment:
    „The best school for the world is trading places……

    Learn what others live through: taste hunger, deprivation, prejudice, stare at a child whose arms and legs have been landmined off her young torso and not be able to explain Why her…or why at all to a young child eating dust for the life he has to carve out alone after losing his parents to Aids when no one cares if he will survive.

    Touch the lives of street children, sleep out in the cold, be homeless for a week.., wear a colour collar and have racisl hatred stain your own skin.

    Spend time volunteering with war veterans, or old folk, spend time with a relative you have never met.

    Learn what it means to have everything and nothing to lose…. switch off the News for prepackaged sentiment on what really happened in the world today. Go out and find it. teach your children to be fearless enough to embrace difference.

    The best school for the world lies within the best and worst of every one of us: how we share what we don’t know is what makes the difference.

    I will forever be jealous of Mark Twain for having said this out loud before i got the chance to even think it….

    We are all ignorant, only about different things……

    Learn what you don’t know instead of wallowing in what you do know.

    stop for a second longer than usual.“

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