AIESEC Social Entrepreneur from Canada

Hi Guys! Fellow AIESEC Victoria, B.C, Canada Alumni here! I’m actually giving a talk to the University of Victoria’s alumni undergrads tomorrow about the AIESEC group dealing with issues here locally.

I’m the Founder of – The Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Foundation. Take a peak. We also have a blog – we’d love to feature you guys!

I noticed that you are featuring Second Life on your blog. take a look at a business i’m helping start up out of Stanford: . The demo will be out VERY soon and we just entered the Stanford Business Plan Social Entreprenuership Challenge!! Wish us luck ) We’ve invested some money into it and travelled to africa and india to make the game a real thing. We’ve teamed up with Kickstart and Cosmos and have the support of KIVA , and other fantastic organizations! Log onto and sign up!!!

Great stuff! I’m going to read through this some more and keep sending my readers your way! If any of your readers are interested in writing for a blog or providing articles to – please let me know!! Love your feedback on our website and what we are doing!!

Keep up the great work! AIESEC FOREVER! I’m going to include this blog in my presentation tomorrow at 6pm PST to the AIESEC University Club!

Read more about Jason

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4 Antworten zu AIESEC Social Entrepreneur from Canada

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    And here is Jason’s posting about the Imagine blog on his blog:

    „I love the internet! I was prepping tonight for a speech I’m doing to AIESEC Victoria at the University Victoria in regards to Social Entrepreneurship, The Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Foundation and AIESEC. I was doing some research and as a former AIESEC Alumni, I know that AIESEC europe is very involved in SE.

    Off to google I go and BAM! I found: ! An AIESEC Blog focused on some fantastic issues like Social Entrepreneurship and AIESEC!! What a fantastic blog! I left a quick message, hopefully it gets approved! If you get a chance – please take a look at it!!!

    Cheers for now! Thanks Team AIESEC!!!“

  2. Olasofia schreibt:

    This looks fab Jason!

    I wonder.. .might there be a chance that some of those games end up producing good ideas that could be linked to real contexts in the countries of the South?

    I mean .. could it spark ideas that people in the South actually start developing?

    maybe this is already part of the idea.. and I am being a bit slow..;)

    I do appreciate the role of the sim/game is to develop the experience in an incubated space.. without necessarily outputing any specific result..

    but wonder if the experiments and experiences in the game might be more directly harvested and channelled?

    Fab fab venture in any case


  3. Jason Carvalho schreibt:

    Hi Sofia,

    The real goal of the game is to a) educate a whole generations of game players and potential social enterpreneurs about what the issues and social enterprise solutions (sustianable solutions) are for poverty in 2nd and 3rd world countries. b) the idea is that these „game players“ also begin to think locally, nationally et cetera to apply their time, perhaps capital and intellectual capital to solving issues.

    Sofia, you mentioned „the south“. Are you referring specifically to Southern United States or South America or South India? If you could provide a definition of this for me, I could provide you with a better response.

    The first issue with any CHANGE – whether it be systematic [wide scope] or one on one – people need to be educated. From education comes innovation.

    You mentioned the issue of „but wonder if the experiments and experiences in the game might be more directly harvested and channelled?“ That’s a catch 22 comment in my mind.

    A) we have whole generations of parents that are saying yes to their children playing video games for 12 hours of the day. What we are trying to do is use the current medium that they are used to an adapting it to make it more of an educational vechicle.

    B) Yes – these people (youth or adults) should be outside making change, but a lot of them have NO idea where/what to link into. Within our „game“ we feature not for profits/socal enterprise that are making a difference. Users can contact these social enterprises if they want later and try and join them or provide a donation or just try and make a difference the way that they know how too.

    C) We want to take that energy and get these users (the ones who are very juiced) to a conference, where they actually interact wtih the people/organizations they are learning about.

    Another thing to note: we are focused on a new sector of gaming called SERIOUS GAMES. These games focus on Educating the user and dealing with matters that are, in fact, SERIOUS. It’s a growing sector. It will be bringing in about 140 million a year globally. Currently E-Learning is growing to be a 10 billion dollar industry by I believe 2008.

    Websites like SeriousGamesSummit are out there to educate others. Take a read through. SeriousGames are being developed by corporation, to governments to NGOS.

    If anyone has any other questions regarding please let me know!!!!


  4. olasofia schreibt:

    Hi Jason,
    thanks for great reply!

    Countries of the South: A term that seems to be more popular than using the expression ‚3rd world countries‘.

    Actually as I see it you do have means by which you would be channeling that energy.


    your point b) featuring organisations that are making a diference
    and c) facilitating RL gatherings of people and organisations of interest to them.

    These are great ways of harvesting and am sure this they will evolve. As will the serious games industry. I can’t ageree enough in terms of capturing the energy and chanelling it towards serious issues. It is on the rise, I have seen most of my colleagues start to include games in their consultancy offerings.

    Thanks for signposts for the Serious Games summit.


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