Facilitator’s Guide to Imagine Reflection Session U-Process /Collective Intelligence Workshop

Dear Imaginers,

At last this guide is ready. I have attempted to create a ‚one size fits all‘ version, which aims to cover most practical aspects as well as some of the concepts behind this workshop design.

In this guide are also references for further reading

Please feel free to give feedback. The idea is that this was meant to be a helpful guide, that had concrete starting points for someone who wanted to run it, as well as some of the ‚big-picture context.

Download the facilitator’s guide here:

U-Process and Collective Intelligence Workshop Facilitation Guide

In my foundation training on facilitation, back when I was working at British Airways, the external consultant who trained us said about the references he gave us:“ take these and go beyond.“

So please do!

Thanks again Stefan for highlighting the creative commons concept so accessibly. I have put this guide under a CC license. (My first use of this! It feels good ;-))

„We live in a time in which most people believe there is not much inside them, only what teachers, parents and others have put there.“ Michel Cassou and Stewart Cubley, authors of Life, Painting and Passion

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4 Antworten zu Facilitator’s Guide to Imagine Reflection Session U-Process /Collective Intelligence Workshop

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    Wow, Sofia this looks amazing and thanks for putting so much effort into harvesting!!!!

  2. Anne-Claire schreibt:

    dear Sofia! Thank you so much for this! Reading the document the evening in Wuppertal comes very clearly to mind again! 🙂 And if one day I feel I could facilitate a group going through the U, this guide is perfect!
    And I can imagine it feels great to have put your first product under CC license.

  3. aiesecimagine schreibt:

    The audio reflection exercise on Otto Scharmer’s website also includes some interesting questions:
    (Tools section)

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