AIESEC Alumni who IMAGINEd: Marcus Orlovsky

Much of this idealism will fade once the realities of the business world kick in, says Marcus Orlovsky, a British entrepreneur who volunteers much of his time to AIESEC and other student organizations. Orlovsky says that too often he has seen young people with great potential turn into cogs in a corporate machine, so involved in some insignificant project, that they lose their vision of what’s really important.

„The first 10 years after they leave school are crucial,“ he says. This is when, coming from leadership positions, they have to readjust to entry-level positions and work their way up the corporate ladder.

Despite the pessimistic model, Orlovski continues to devote as many as 80 days a year to talking to students about the necessity of keeping their priorities straight. He still believes that AIESEC plays an important role in shaping more socially-aware business people for the future.

Marcus is a founder member and director of Bryanston Square. He is passionate about helping the world of education create better learning environments where young people can set out on their journey to achieving their goals. To this end he focuses on both the design of buildings and the way teaching and learning take place.

Marcus is active in both the public and private sector: he works with individual schools to help them formulate and articulate their visions; he advises Authorities and architects on how to design the best possible buildings for their budget and seek out new funding solutions; and collaborates with national institutions such as the National College for School Leadership on programmes like ‘Building Schools for the Future’.



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