Social Entrepreneurship Learning Journey in South Africa

From the 4:th of March until the 18:th of March we will be posting reflections and thoughts that will came up during the learning journey here.

Sunday 4:th of March
Arriving in Johannesburg after 15 hours of flight and meeting up with the other participants from Pioneers of Change. The Program was presented and we started a discussion about a common problem.

Monday 5:th of March
In the morning we had two guest speakers; Anna Koblanck who is a correspondent for DN in Africa and Thembisa Fakude from Aljazeera in South Africa who told stories around current affair from a media perspective, for example the stories they choose to write and why. We also got a bonus discussion around media practitionaries versus being a journalist.

In the afternoon we visited the constitutional hill where the constitutional court of South Africa lies side by side (or rather inside) with the old prison.

Two important question that arise during the afternoon was:

  • When we look back in 25 years, what will we say about what is happening in the world today.
  • And how can we shift the lens from a theoretically view into a view that really focus on how things are.

In the evening one of the participants from South Africa, Thulani, had cooked a fantastic meal at the Hub and we enjoyed it while watching the film Amandla, which is about the apartheid struggle in terms of music and the effect and importance it had for the resistance movement. It is truly amazing to see how beautiful songs were created inspired by the will to fight against oppression. The power of music is often forgotten in the West today, as music is reduced to a mere product to be consumed and then forgotten. In the anti apartheid era music really meant something very deep and important.

Tuesday 6:th of March
Visiting GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business) and SKY (Soweto Kliptown Youth).

Wednesday 7:th of March
We started the day by going through the past three days. Everyone gave their perspectives on what we had encountered so far.

In the afternoon we visited Branson School of Entrepreneurship.

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3 Antworten zu Social Entrepreneurship Learning Journey in South Africa

  1. Charl Heydenrych schreibt:

    I have a „Google Alert“ set on the words „Branson School of Entrepreneurship“ Your blog appeared!.

    It was great talking to you guys – I hope you get a lot out of your visit to SA. Do record your impressions of the school!

    Charl Heydenrych

  2. Charl Heydenrych schreibt:

    See the learners in action

    Charl heydenrych

  3. fraukegodat schreibt:

    Wow, Charl, this is amazing. We haven’t been to South Africa but I received an email from a friend in Johannesburg through a Pioneers of Change list and have posted it on our blog. We had a conference called IMAGINE last month in Germany on Social Entrepreneurship and I might organise a SE Learning Journey in Berlin in the near future 😉
    Groetjes from Amsterdam,

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