Displaying Vision

Inspired by Thu Phong’s post this week and Satu’s article, I would like to challenge you moving to the next level. In AIESEC and other value-based organisations we often talk about vision statements. Sometimes we have reflective discussions about how we relate to that vision. However, how can we relate to a vision statement, if we are not clear on our personal vision?

Do you dare to post your personal vision on this blog?

Are you afraid of people saying „But it’s probably not possible“ or „You’re not being realistic“?

Well, that might not relate to their vision but if you communicate your vision, it is easier for you to find like-minded people and start working together for your shared vision.

Why do we fear what other people think about us?  Mark Twain once said: „Courage is the resistance of fear, not the absence of fear.“

‘It’s not possible‘ is not a fact, it’s a belief. How can you find people with the same beliefs?

What are you thinking is not possible? And how could you resist your fears and start to explore how it ‘could‘ be possible?

Who shares my vision?

  • To develop people to drive positive change in society
  •  To inspire people to take responsibility and leadership for change in their local environments

…for a more peaceful and sustainable world

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