AIESEC Alumni who IMAGINEd: Janik Reitel

Janik has been a member of AIESEC Oldenburg before he joined AIESEC in Germany in Cologne as the first fulltime Deutsche Post World Net exchange coordinator. He was on the National Board of AIESEC in Germany in 2001-02 and was a member of the international working group „Core Work Design Team“ which set up the strategic framework for AIESEC XP.


As an AIESEC alumni finishing his business degree in Maastricht he envisioned the IMAGINE concept and organised the first two IMAGINE conferences in 2004 and 2005.

Janik about the idea of IMAGINE:

We belong to the privileged top 1% of the global village. We are highly educated. We receive a stable income. We live in peace and safety. We travel freely across country borders. We believe we determine our fate and future. But we miss direction.

Deep within ourselves we long for direction in our life. We seek a mission to guide our path. We want to make a contribution to the positive development of humanity and nature. We look for inspiration and leadership. But no one tells us how to get there.

To get there means talking to people who are there already. People who drive change today. People who strive for a vision and inspire others through their determination. And it means listening to our inner voice and finding our passion. Being aware of our strengths and skills. To get there means building up a network of like-minded people and being empowered to act. But there is no guidance how to do it.

This is the idea of Imagine. To imagine the future and share imaginations with others. To find a personal vision through inspiration and reflection. To set up a network of people driving change. To empower and support a sense of responsibility among young, bright minds.

Initiating Imagine is my step forward to make a change by supporting the potential of young people. This support is independent of religious, political, ethnical and sexual orientation or gender. It is driven by the simple belief that humanity is inherently good and united by a common need for sense and purpose. Organizing Imagine has been a rewarding experience and I truly hope that the idea of Imagine will stay alive and spread around the world.

All the best for your path and future. Please feel free to contact me for an exchange of ideas and perspectives at


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