Imagine Chicago!

I just had a meeting here in Amsterdam with Rolf and Jo, 2 Kaospilots students who are currently doing their final year project in Amsterdam. I have told them about an Appreciative Inquiry project that I have started this week for the Pioneers of Change Network Dialogue and Rolf reconnected me to Imagine Chicago:

„All around the world, people are coming together in their localities to imagine and create new possibilities for their collective future. Despite their differences in age, background and perspective, what they share is a faith in community and in its civic spirit, the idea that together, using our minds, hearts and hands, we can help to shape the world we live in. Powerfully, perhaps unknowingly, they are the leadership of a new movement – a movement of social imagination.“
Imagine Chicago

Imagine a city where…
– young people are leading the way forward
– public schools are thriving community learning centres
– neighbourhoods and institutions work together to share
ideas and resources
… and all citizens recognise and apply their talents to create a positive future for themselves and their community.
This is the vision of Imagine Chicago, a vision that’s well on the way to being realised, even in the toughest parts of the city. Especially in the toughest parts of the city.
After 10 years of Imagination in Action, Bliss Browne and her colleagues at Imagine Chicago have many inspiring stories to tell – stories of empowerment, stories of dedication, stories of transformation. Key processes have included appreciative inquiry (which concentrates on what works, instead of what doesn’t) and intergenerational inquiry, in which young people interview city leaders and others about their ideas for the future.

Read the story what has inspired Bliss Browne to begin to imagine
Read more about 10 years of Imagination in Action

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