Chaordic Coaching I

So, I started chaordic coaching last week: me being coached with a method based on the chaordic model (assuming that a system is simultaneously chaotic and ordered; Dee Hock, founder of the VISA credit card system coined the term “chaordic”)

We started the process with me formulating my expectations in putting them into questions (Why questions? Simply because questions are future-oriented and give room for further questions that take you deeper into a learning process):

  • How can I learn more about the chaordic model through coaching?
  • How can I apply choardic elements at We Are What We Do?
  • How can chaordic coaching help me to focus?

In the first session last week, we started a dialogue on the last question: “…helping me to focus on how can I leave We Are What We Do Netherlands in a “good” state, have a successful re-entry going back to Germany, and what does a We Are What We Do school and community programme in Germany need?”

After having defined the questions we moved into taking a picture of my current environment: what gives me energy? Generally speaking: it is CHANGE NETWORKS:

In the next step, we took the Integral Framework and started to check “How aligned am I in this framework?” And that is where the personal values bit is coming in again 🙂 See, you don’t get around not defining them, if you want to drive change!

For the next session, I have to run a personal Culture Scan that is related to Spiral Dynamics and to go into a deeper inquiry in regards to the integral framework:

  • Where do I SEE a match/mismatch
  • Where do I FEEL a match/mismatch

The Culture Scan has questions around:

  • For my company to survive and prosper in the future, it should…
  • Personal priorities: what matters most?
  • I can be best managed when I have…
  • When under stress, I …
  • I like to work for an organization that…
  • My current stage of change is…
  • My preferred work structure is…
  • My patterns of thinking and processing information are…
  • My work-style preferences are…
  • I prefer change to be…
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