Effective Change Tools: Low Carbon Diet

Nina, in regards to your question “How can one drive change through awareness creation?”, the following example has build on the fact that enough awareness has been created around climate change in the US and the Empowerment Institute in New York has developed a program to act on climate change on a community level: the Low Carbon Diet.

They have excellent resources on their website, including the outline for a Climate Change World Café.

Last Friday, I took part in a telephone training of the Empowerment Institute (EI). Together with 60 people from across the US we have been discussing community change strategies using the Low Carbon Diet tools. There are more teletrainings with David Gershon scheduled, if you are interested.

Attached in the powerpoint, you find the points that I found most interesting. They include:

  • There is a paradigm shift from awareness creation and campaigning to empowerment and grassroots action
  • E. Rogers theory of “Diffusion of innovation”, Who are the early adopters in my local environment?
  • US citizens are aware of the need to better preserve natural resources but the behaviour change is limited
  • Like the We Are What We Do movement the EI has identified some key questions of reluctance to act: Where do I start? Which are the important actions? How do I take the actions? Will it make a difference?
  • The Ecoteam program has put up a simple structure that is transferable to several social change issues
  • A main part of the success of this program was the fact that change was best initiated within neighbourhood communities


You find the longer ready-to-use powerpoint and lots of other material here

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