Tune Your World

The Calabash Music™ Blog is your entry into the global music scene giving access to all the great, but hard-to-find, music and videos from around the world.

Do you believe we can change in the world through music?

At Calabash Music they have launched a new campaign that is called ‚Tune Your World‘ as a creative approach to economic development in Africa.

If every American would buy 10 downloads by African Artists — We would DOUBLE the amount of money the US is currently sending to Africa. This is what we mean by ‚Tune Your World‘

Where does the money go?
At least 50% (in some cases 100%) of your purchase will go to African Artists, or an African relief NGO and stay in Africa. With this money, musicians will be able to buy new instruments, recording or performing equipment, complete their education, or put a new roof on their house.

Together we can create a thriving music economy in places where the music industry has never worked very well.

How can you make this change happen?

1. Buy 10 songs by African Artists.

2. Forward this URL www.tuneyourworld.com to your friends and family.

It’s that simple.

Tune Your World.

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Eine Antwort zu Tune Your World

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    Amnesty International – Make Some Noise
    High-profile international artists. Classic Lennon tracks. United for human rights.

    Make Some Noise presents exclusive tracks to download, behind-the-scenes videos and simple ways to make an impact for human rights.

    Greenpeace Music – You’d better listen

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