Chaordic Coaching II

So, I had my 4th coaching session yesterday. We have defined my new job title „Initiator & Facilitator of Change Networks“ and a couple of personal principles that are based on my vision and values. Hopefully, these principles will help me in creating my new job when I return to Berlin in June:

I ask powerful questions that touch people’s heart
I challenge myself to constantly learn and develop myself & my professional practice
I am fully present
I create & maintain a balance between preparation & openness to what is really emerging
I am always action-oriented
I trust the people I work with like I would like them to trust me
I am not afraid to let go

I will test those principles as being chair at the AIESEC in Portugal Discovery II conference next week.

Very excited to see how things fall in place 😉

P.S.: I have to read those two books pretty soon: The Art and Heart of Netweaving and The Birth of the Chaordic Age

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