Who really made an impact in your life?

“If you had to name someone – a parent, a grand parent, a mentor, a teacher – elementary, high school, or college – who at some important point in your life did or said something which really had an impact, who would that have been and what was it that he or she did or said that you remember so strongly?”

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Eine Antwort zu Who really made an impact in your life?

  1. Kirsten schreibt:

    …I’m thinking about this question now for quite a while… I can’t say that there was THE one person who made an impact in my life… that I don’t remember THE one situation… that it’s rather the remembrance of several turning points in my life at which I had to decide which way to go… and that there always has been somebody to talk to and to discuss the situation, my worries, my hopes… somebody who helped me a lot to make my decision, to take the next step, to challenge myself… While writing this I remember situations in which good friends told or showed me that I really made an impact in their life -> to become aware of that was just „wow“ and for sure REALLY made an impact in my life…

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