Last Fall, as part of „Principal for a Day“ program sponsored by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Bob Littell volunteered. He was assigned to Whitefoord Elementary School – an all-black school in South Atlanta.

With the Principal’s permission and support, Littell gave a short talk to an assembly of 3rd graders and explained the NetWeaving and Pay It Forward concepts. Then he put the kids through some exercises so they would really understand that’s it’s just all about introducing their friends to each other, and then they have to do the same and introduce their friends to someone else, and so on and so on.

The talk and exercises went over so well that Donna Lowry, the emcee of the program and the news – education anchor – for WXIA, the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, said she wanted to go back to the school and film it. She did this several weeks ago and it was just aired April 24, 2007. .Here is the link to be able to view a brief summary of the talk and the exercise.

NetWeaving and Pay It Forward work for ALL the ages.

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3 Antworten zu Netweaving

  1. aiesecimagine schreibt:

    Characteristics of Natural Network Weavers

    Network Weavers are individuals who take responsibility for creating healthy networks, what we call Smart Networks.

    Anyone can learn to be a Network Weaver but natural Network Weavers have at least some of the following characteristics. Are you a natural Network Weaver?

    1. Opportunity seeking: sees opportunities everywhere
    2. Loves to connect people to each other
    3. Able to unearth resources of all types and kinds
    4. Able to remember many names and resources
    5. Able to dialogue easily with people and get them to disclose information
    6. Comfortable with uncertainty but persistent in making things happen
    7. Able to learn from experience; decides next step after reflecting on previous step
    8. Optimistic
    9. Able to see when something doesn’t work and moves on
    10. Has a big vision but sees the importance of taking small steps
    11. Likes to get to know people with different perspectives and from different backgrounds
    12. Listens well
    13. Asks a lot of questions
    14. Sees patterns—notices patterns in the network: where there is energy, where there is isolation, who interacts with whom, etc

  2. aiesecimagine schreibt:

    Building Smart Communities through Network Weaving

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