Are you blogging this?

I have just been to the statistics page of our blog and have noticed that Sofia’s and Kirsten’s sites continiously produce traffic to the IMAGINE blog!!!

Check out this entry on Kirsten’s blog

And Sofia writes on her website:
Turn Up the Courage blogging comes to life

I am also now blogging!

For the last few months I have held back on the newsletter and have been wanting to start blogging but had not got round to initiating this. As is so beautiful when one sets an intention without needing to know HOW it will happen, along came along the perfect opportunity to do this in community.

I will be sending a newsletter out again in the next couple of months but in the meantime feel free to check out this blog that I am contributing to.
It is great to be contributing to a blog with a few other committed people. It feels like we pass the hosting stick around. See how we do:

52 weeks in the year and more than 52 people in this network. So each person can agree to host the blog for one week of the year. Sharing, inspiring or informing. All are valid contributions to a community.

This concept emerged out of the vibrant community: IMAGINE Network

So, a few of us (myself included) have agreed to host this process, inviting people into it; cultivating the community. Ie we are editors but it is a very open system anyone can be an editor if they register on the blog and if they dont want to they can always send posting to us and we will upload it for them. I really have to acknowledge Frauke Godat from the We Are What We Do organisation for her incredible drive here.

Here is the link!“

Keep blogging 😉
P.S.: If you want to join the editors team just send me an email to

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