Update Kaospilots Netherlands

Deadline for applications – LAST CALL May 31st !!

On Thursday May 3rd KPNL welcomed Sky, Nicklas, Anna & Mille – KP Students of KP Denmark Team 13 – to join our band and campaign operations all through the month of May.

From the energy and ideas of the 4 KaosPilots, and the perspective of offering the world of our new school to an even greater body of Dutch KP-candidates, it was easy to make the decision to extend our application deadline to May 31st.

With an advertisement campaign launched on the MTV on-line platforms TODAY (check out www.mtv.nl & www.tmf.nl !!) and growing stories in the media we are now confident that we can embrace the attention we get from all the young people who have just stumbled across the KaosPilots Netherlands, offering them a good chance to make their decisions and enter the application form in due time.

The count of the findapilot.nl campaign is 37 RED shirts and we are growing by one new candidate every one/two days :0) – we will be in business in September!!

By extending the deadline, we will give room for the campaign activities and the number of applicants to go from GOOD to GREAT. In this way we will ensure the forming of the best and the most diverse Team 1 at the admission workshop in June.. – essential for KaosPilots.NL to become a true success!

Student info-meeting in Amsterdam, THIS COMING Saturday May 12th at Theaterschool van de AHK, Jodenbreestraat 3, 1011 NG Amsterdam @ 12-15pm – word is out.. there will be many Dutch applicants present :0)

Also YOU can meet the KaosPilots at Wohnzimmer (www.wohnzimmer.nl) on Tuesday May 15th in the ‘Machinistenmuseum’, Rotterdam @ 1900-0100h

25 days to application deadline!

46 days to admission workshop!

117 days… and school starts!!

On behalf the KPNL band: Peter, Martin, Floris, Selma, Ben, Mille, Sky, Nicklas & Anna

Niels Jensen, KaosPilot – email: niels.jensen@kaospilots.nl

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