Chaordic Coaching III

I finished my chaordic coaching process last Wednesday with defining prototypes (prototypes being possible actions) of how to take the chaordic process further for myself. Going back to Berlin, I will be working on 3 main projects: We Are What We Do, reactivating the Pioneers of Change network in Germany, and working on developing my freelance practice.

Within these 3 projects, I will focus on these 3 questions to develop the prototypes into action:
– How can building a local We Are What We Do community in Berlin support the growth of the global We Are What We Do community of practise?
– How can I use the chaordic model to build the Pioneers of Change network in Berlin?
– What immediate next steps do I have to take in order to enter the baby phase of being a chaordic practitioner?

Last Sunday, I have also started self-coaching (for the German-speakers, I am using this tool) in order to keep the learning, action-planning, and reflection going.

I began with a very simple but powerful exercise: look at your current life in different areas (e.g. emotions, job, family/friends, social environment, hobbies, finances, spiritual life, etc.) and define for each area what gives me strength and what is bothering me in that area?

In the second step, you look at all points and decide for yourself: things I want to do more, things I want to appreciate more, things that should stay as they are, things I will learn to accept, things I want to change, things I want to change but not now, and things I want to think about more.

My main conclusions from this exercise:
– My job, hobbies and social environment are very much interconnected and cannot be separated clearly anymore.
– In some key areas I have a lack of theoretical knowledge that I will take courses on in the upcoming weeks.
– I am happy in my life but constantly challenge that in order to learn and develop further.

P.S.: Ordered a copy of “The Art and Heart of Netweaving” ( and I will read “The Birth of the Chaordic Age” when I arrive in Berlin

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3 Antworten zu Chaordic Coaching III

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  2. Bob Littell schreibt:

    Go to and look at the project my friend Giovanni Livera has created called, „Live a Thousand Years“ which is all about maximizing the key elements to life. It’s done better than anything I have ever seen.

    Bob Littell

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