Taking a break from moving and Being Present

Taking a break last night from the hectic packing to move back to Germany, I took some quality time in order to practise my third principle “I am fully present”: first, I went to see Metro , a Hindi movie with my friend Jana that had been recommended to me by Raj , a former Indian Greenpeace colleague. It was great to finish off my stay in Amsterdam with a good Indian movie considering the fact that I came straight to Holland from India in 2004.

Afterwards, I took two hours before going to bed in order to do the second exercise in my self-coaching programme: defining my goals for the upcoming weeks. I liked this quote to define a real goal:

A real goal = intention + determination + action + persistance

How can I turn a personal wish into a goal?

Defining a personal goal and communicating it, means:
• I have made a decision
• I really want it
• I deserve this
• I am of value to achieve it
• And I am determined to pay the price to reach it

A lot of people are afraid to set goals because they are afraid to fail not being able to reach them. Are you afraid to fail? Not setting goals prevents from failing. Not setting goals means staying in the safe comfort zone. Not setting goals means not discovering your potential…

Now, defining my goals I looked back at the first exercise and took one issue that I want to strengthen and one that I want to change. And here are my two goals:

Goal 1: In order to have a balance between my living costs and income, I will increase my income through communicating my chaordic principles. In June, I will identify and approach people and organisations that I want to work with.

Goal 2: In order to practice my new job “Initiator and Facilitator of Change Networks” and to apply my learnings from the recent chaordic coaching process, I will work with my prototype to create a chaordic Pioneers of Change network in Berlin. The preparation and deeper learning phase will take place June to August and the desing phase will start in September.

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