Birth of the Chaordic Age I

I started reading Dee Hock’s book “Birth of the Chaordic Age” last week-end. After reading chapter 1 “Old Monkey Mind” some questions emerged:

• How and why did man wonder off and organize society into mechanistic, linear, combative institutions so in discord with the human spirit and the natural world?
• Why are organizations everywhere, whether commercial, social, or religious, increasingly unable to manage their affairs?
• Why are individuals throughout the world increasingly in conflict with and alienated from the organizations of which they’re a part?
• Why are society and the biosphere increasingly in disarray?

Hock concludes in the first chapter that the institutions as we have them today are failing:
• Why are there schools that can’t teach?
• Why are universities far from universal?
• Why are corporations neither cooperate nor competitive and only consolidate?
• Why are there unhealthy health-care systems?
• Why are there farming systems that destroy soil and poison food?
• Why are there governments that can’t govern?

Chaordic organizations are about releasing what people desire and the passion that they have.

How can we create more chaordic organizations?

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