Generation Why

I have been invited by Ode Magazine to write for their Reader’s Blog. One of my co-bloggers wrote this article:

“ Indeed, we’re hipsters. Critical consumers. Concerned global citizens. Gadget freaks. Into wellness. Fast learners. Flexible workers. Each of us a little unit of subculture, capable of generating powerful trends with a few taps on the keyboard. And it gets even better, because we’re human beings too!

Why? Today’s twentysomethings are a breed apart. We managed to clear the trap of post-modernism and seem to have moved to the next level of personal development. Bypassing the Achievement so sought after by our parents, we go directly for what is really important (to us): fulfillment. Whether it?s through a diet of Ritalin and videogames or dedicated idealism, fulfillment of our human needs is the focus of Generation Why.


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