Report on my admission workshop to the best school for the world – Kaospilots Netherlands!

The best school for the world…what would you need for that? First of all, a very passionate bunch of young and enthusiastic people, thrilled by the idea of putting lots of effort into their work. Second you would need a concept that is able to use all this energy and to lead it through a process that will enhance it and help it to become more mature, instead of trying to transform it into something that it not genuinly is. Third of all, you need lots of love.
When I visited the Kaospilots Netherlands I was curious if something like this was actually possible. Before going there I was not too convinced of this strange school – it seemed a little bit crazy and, who knows, composed for dreamers with no clue of the real world. I had only read about it on the internet and what do written words show you? Nothing! (try it anyways: or 🙂 )
So I decided to apply and got invited to the admission workshop. This first contact was as much a test for me in which I tried to find out if this school would be able to teach me something new as it was a test for them to see if I was a suitable person for the school.
At the workshop they lead us through a two days process in which we had to solve several tasks in small groups, they had us reflect upon our group work, upon our personal performance and upon the task we were solving. We gave each other feedback. We played music together. We laughed, we talked, we danced. And in the end we presented a result, that was as creative as applauded by the audience.
For me it showed me that it really is possible to use all this energy, to transform it into something meaningful with an actual outcome. And still love all of it, provide it with the emotional support that is needed if you want to stand straight in this world.
Now I can say yes, a wholehearted yes to the Kaospilots: if they will want me, I surely want them! Learn more about this issue next week…when I get their email, I will open it with my heart beating up to my ears! Who knows where this will lead me? I have no clue! But it feels right. So: let´s take out the courage!


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2 Antworten zu Report on my admission workshop to the best school for the world – Kaospilots Netherlands!

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    Hi Ursel,
    I am very curious to get the news soon! Talking to you 3 weeks ago you still had some doubts and now it seems, you had an amazing KP experience in Dordrecht last week. Am crossing my fingers 😉

  2. Ursel schreibt:

    Hey everybody!
    I am in! Still cannot believe it. What will happen there? How will it be? What will I learn? I will find out soon: Kaospilots Netherlands will start on 17th September!
    I´ll keep you updated!

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