My commitment to Pioneers of Change

Last Sunday, I wrote my commitment statement for Pioneers of Change. With the hope that more get inspired to join, here it is 😉

Be yourself
When I left Greenpeace International in September 2006, I had discovered that I was not being myself at work and I needed to create my personal job description around what I stand for. In the past 4 months, I went through a chaordic coaching process discovering who I am and what I stand for. Based on the chaordic model, I set my own personal principles that I am determined to live by and play with in the upcoming 12 months:

• I ask powerful questions that touch people’s heart
• I challenge myself to constantly learn and develop myself & my professional practice
• I am fully present
• I create & maintain a balance between preparation & openness to what is really emerging
• I am always action-oriented
• I trust the people I work with like I would like them to trust me
• I am not afraid to let go

Do what matters
Before I left Greenpeace International, I revisited my personal vision and values that I had set in November 2004: I strive for “developing & connecting people to drive positive change in society and inspiring people to take responsibility & leadership for change in their local environments…for a more peaceful and sustainable world”. This vision is based on 5 values: passion, peace, responsibility, respect, and change. I measured my work against this values and vision and came to the conclusion that I was not working on a larger extend towards them. Thus, I made the decision to leave a paid job and start doing what really matters to me. Within the next year, I am planning to use my values, vision, and principles to develop my personal business idea of a practicing “Initiator & Facilitator of Change Networks” further.

Start now
During my chaordic coaching process one question emerged: how much planning do I really need? And I concluded for myself that I need a clear direction but no detailed action steps in order to start now. This conclusion applies as well in building the PoC network in Germany and Berlin. The direction is clear: I want to learn, apply and experiment with the chaordic model to cultivate the local network but I am planning the ultimate next action steps after I have started and while I am going along.

Engage with others
Within these principles probably my biggest personal challenge, being an introvert. However, I have learned since I joined PoC meetings in 2005, how important and beneficial this principle is for me. I have connected to a great pioneer here in Berlin already and am also planning to keep connections to other networks such as AIESEC Alumni,, or local networks since I strongly believe that the PoC network has to engage with other change networks.

Never stop asking questions
Questions that I would like to explore within the upcoming year:
– What steps do I need to take in order to build a local We Are What We Do community in Berlin that is supporting the growth of the global We Are What We Do community of practice?
– How can I use the chaordic model to build the Pioneers of Change network in Berlin?
– What immediate next steps do I have to take in order to enter the baby phase of being a chaordic practitioner?
– What questions are moving Pioneers in Berlin/Germany?

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