AIESEC Alumni who IMAGINEd: Alexandra Schlossarek

After plunging back into the trot of life after the conference, I finally took the time to think about what inspired me at the IMAGINE conference and to reflect and share some of the thoughts since (and also before) then:

One thought that is often on my mind is the question of intention. Why do people do what they do, and most importantly what are my own personal reasons for doing things? Here especially, is doing a “good” thing really a good thing if the intention is a selfish one?

Attending the Lutheran church days last week in Cologne, I noticed that people do things for different reasons. Being rather unreligious myself, I however realized that people believe in different gods and practice this in different ways. But trying to make a difference in the world and having a positive impact (here in a human rights context) does not depend on in whose God’s name you do it, if the intention is right.

Another question that has been bothering me is, how do you convince people to change their mind, when you think what you think is right and the other person is wrong? And if you do want them to change their mind, aren’t you imposing your own thoughts on somebody else, thus maybe doing exactly the same thing as the person you want to change?

I also wanted to share what a speaker had said on a demonstration a few weeks ago:

that the life of an Iraqi baby is just as much worth as the life of an American soldier. Of course this is common sense, but I noticed that sometimes we don’t reflect on what is being presented to us, and that it is easy to forget these things.

These are just some thoughts I wanted to put down. Maybe you have some of the answers already and want to share them with us. They might not be the greatest questions or thoughts, but on this Sunday nite, after a stressful and exhausting weekend, this is all I could come up with. : -)

On this note, have a nice week!

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