What are we changing….

What are we really changing?

Listen to this speech made by a 12 year old girl delivered 15 years ago at the United Nations! Isn’t she right? Can’t we learn from her?

How often do we in our own work get sucked into systems and institutional turf fights or office politics? How much of the big words we swing do we apply to our own world? How often do we crip about someone’s inefficency to then excuse ourself later when we can’t get around to do it?

Most importantly what can realistically be done and how?

some thoughts from a realistic idealist or idealistic realist …..

Thanks to Monica Costea, IDC 2006 faci for sharing this link with me!

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2 Antworten zu What are we changing….

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    The question that popped up while seeing this: I wonder what actions is this girl taking today as a grown-up?

  2. Allison Hillier schreibt:

    This link will take you to Severin’s „Youth Action Centre“
    Severin Suzuki is the daughter of David Suzuki; Canada’s most prominent Environmental leader

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