Are we ready to change the rules of the game?

Every other week there is a new initiative or report popping up on my desktop trying to put latest sustainability research into practice and leading us on our way to create a more sustainable future.  

The latest one I flipped through is the collaboration between WWF and SustainAbility (a leading think tank on sustainable development and CSR) called “One Planet Business” ( Although most of the initiative’s components are not new (extensive research, multi-stakeholder processes, developing and documenting ideas), they do stress quite fundamentally the need for system change and sustainable entrepreneurship, which I have not seen elsewhere lately. 

The initiative will focus on demand areas such as mobility, food and housing as they are responsible for 63% of our ecological footprint, 65% of our CO2 emissions and 72% of our material use. The first project will concentrate on new mobility concepts and has just started. I will be curious to find out if it is only another gathering of people, expressing their opinions, compiling documents or if it can lead to real change. 

A weak point of the initiative in my eyes is the absolute focus on the environmental side of the concept of sustainability. Another new report by SustainAbility called “Raising our Game” has envisioned four different scenarios of how we will be able to manage the social as well as environmental challenges in the next 20 years. More on that one in another post to come… 

Cheers Nicki

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