Hunger and Humor

Alex posted a Spiegel online article about this YouTube video by World Vision Australia to the Pioneers of Change list yesterday.

Within 4 days, more than 200.000 You Tube viewers started a discussion on „What is really important in life?“

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3 Antworten zu Hunger and Humor

  1. Patty schreibt:

    interesting phenomen. I mean the video is good, but I was quite surprised that it triggered such a huge response/discussion. probably I am a bit too old (= not the main target group) to understand or feel inspired by the video. what do you think? how come that this thing moved the masses? what did the trick?

  2. Kirsten schreibt:

    the irony might have done the trick

  3. livefromjapan schreibt:

    I think it might have been the Unexpected…

    You can make a movie about hunger by showing poor kids in Africa starving. Then, people will watch it, maybe say to themselves „Oh, those poor kids, one should do something“… and a moment later they have forgotten about it.

    It’s what you would never expect that will stay in your mind.

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