What is our focus?

My last months were full of changes. I finished my studies, got a job and for that moved from Chemnitz to the other end of Germany: Heidelberg. Sooner than I expected I have adopted to my new environment and now feel very well. Nevertheless it took some time for me to get used to everything, esp. at work. But now after three months I have noticed that I have to take care that I do not lose my focus. – What do I mean by that?

It would be so easy just to go to work every day, spend your time there, meet some people in the evening or at the weekend and enjoy and relax. But isn’t there more in life? Is this everything?

I do not want to end up as somebody who had great visions and goals about positive changes in our society during his studies and later forgets about these ideas because of career, salary and daily work (this is what I mean by „losing the focus“). I am convinced that going to work everyday also contributes in an important way to our society – but not enough!!!

I talked about this with some of my colleagues and it was very interesting how different the reactions were. Very few smiled about this „unrealistic romantic ideas“ – some on the other hand totally agreed. But most said that this is a good attitude and they also would like to do more but they „do not have enough time“. Don’t we have enough time or do we use them wrong?

At IMAGINE 2007 I came up with a vage idea about a project with German and Polish youths to get to know each other better. To be honest due to the finalization of my diploma thesis and very busy first three months of working life I have not really worked on this topic. But especially the last weeks showed everybody that there is still a strong need for improvement of each other’s understanding in this area. I do not want to watch misunderstanding and antipathies – and just complain about this. That’s why I now started again more seriously to work on this topic – and I am highly motivated to push this forward – without any more excuses. 🙂

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2 Antworten zu What is our focus?

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    Hi Markus,
    I just wrote an article about this on the Ode blog: http://www.odemagazine.com/blogs/readers_blog/157/what_makes_people_successful

    I think, (self-) coaching helps…will send you that exercise to test

  2. Eva Luft schreibt:

    Hi Markus,

    I really think your idea of bringing together joung people from Poland and Germany sounds great. I used to organize 3-week camps with the same focus for French and German kids. It was so great to see how – after a while – they started to overcome cultural and language barriers as well as a lot of prejudices and at the end were too sad to leave their new friends of the other nationality.
    There are Polish-German-French youth orginazations where you might get funded. And just adress me if you want me to share concepts and experiences about youth encounters with you!

    Greetings from Bamberg,

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