The Power of letting go

During the last weeks I prepared myself to move houses and experienced how rewarding it can be to clean up one’s things. At first it might sound banal, but cleaning up your environment really helps to make up your mind.

Thus I would love to share some of the insights I got while tidying up my room.

The idea of moving made me to be more consequent concerning the things which surround me (as I was scared away by the thought of having to pack all these things). Questions like – Do I really like that? When did I last use that? Do I really need that? – popped into my mind. With every single item that I hold in my hand I became more conscious of my habits and needs. For instance I realised certain patterns in my (buying) behaviour, which do not serve might needs or I found out that certain things take of energy as they get on my nerves (mostly cloth do that). So I decided to get rid of these things.

A very helpful method to do that is the “3 boxes”.
When you find things that you haven’t used for a while (a year is a good measurement) you place them in box 1 – rubbish – if they are broken, unattractive or of no use for you. You have to throw away this box immediately otherwise you might change your mind.

Box 2 is for all the things that you do not need anymore but which are still fine and might be of use for other people. The things in this box might be a nice present for friends or you can sell them on the flea market or with the help of the internet (guess you guys know Ebay 😉 or give them to charity organizations.

Box 3 is for all the things which you haven’t used for a while but which are of special meaning for you. Either you put them back after moving or you put them in a treasure chest (a box for all these tiny little souvenirs – first love letter, a particular cuddly pet etc.) that underlines their special meaning.

I did all of that and especially the flea market was enriching. It is simply great how you can have a lot of fun selling and bargaining and make other people happy with your old stuff at the same time.

After doing this first sorting I really felt the difference. It makes me feel so good to have emptier shelves just with things I like.

To be continued…

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Eine Antwort zu The Power of letting go

  1. fraukegodat schreibt:

    Hi Juliane,
    I normally hate the packing part in moving places but it is always good to let go of some things. Speaking of letting go: I just learned about the Sedona method in my self-coaching programme today:

    Through a simple questioning process you let go of doubts, fears, negative feelings, etc.:
    – What feeling do I want to work with?
    – Could I accept this feeling as it is – just for a moment?
    – Could I let go of this feeling – just for the moment now?
    – Would I let go of this feeling, if I could?
    – When?

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