Another Imagine conference

We are not the only ones running IMAGINE conferences:


Imagine that you’re at the heart of a school and a community where every person is honored, where there is a passion for thinking and acting like you make a difference, where your unique talents and abilities are recognized and included. That is the world we’re creating at the Imagine-Nation Conference. That is the world we are inviting you to join!

The Imagine-Nation Conference brings together two groups: visionary adults who are already at work in their communities, shaping an inclusive future for their city AND visionary high school youth who are tomorrow’s national leaders, who can co-create a powerful path for their communities and for the nation.

The conference is delivered using Appreciative Inquiry, an organizational development process that capitalizes on the best of what is and provides a wide avenue for multi-generational and cross-cultural participation – everyone is welcome; every voice is honored.


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