6 months later

A couple of weeks ago I was happily surprised when coming home to find the card in the mail that we wrote in February at Imagine 2007. A part of it was not surprising, and I think I even succeeded, but a specific idea had completely slipped my mind!
I succeeded in finding a job within the field of diversity, but I was reminded of an idea that I had in Wuppertal: how to deal with the fear that blocks us so often to approach the unknown. Oh well, it was actually not the solution or anything, but just another way to look at the issue.
I had been wondering that if fear often blocks people to open up, how we can get around this fear. If we can create a social epidemic, or a troyan horse, that enters our lives without notice, and dissolves the fear from the inside, when we are not being defensive.
Probably just a naive thought, but it was great to read this thought, that otherwise would have staid un-reraid in my notebook.

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