Presencing Global Classroom – Empathy Walk Reflection

Some of you might remember Sofia’s U-Process session from Imagine 2005 and 2007…

I had my first online course on the U-Process with Otto Scharmer last week. Here is my the reflection paper for the next class next week:

(1) What interests and intentions brought you to this class?
I have recently joined a start-up organization here in Germany which has worked with the U-process in their team processes and wants to use it in further organizational developments, as well. I am also a member of a small reading group in Berlin meeting every few weeks to reflect on chapters from “Theory U”. Finding the online course on the Presencing website is a very good opportunity to get insight from Otto Scharmer directly and to learn with a group of people across borders and time zones.

(2) What is the core question that you want to explore?
I left my job at Greenpeace International last year in order to start practicing
as an “Initiator & Facilitator of Change Networks”: how can I use Presencing in my new job?

(3) What did you learn from your empathy walk?

I imagined a group of young people that I did a workshop with a few weeks back: they were catholic rural youth from the south of Germany. I remember that I felt really foreign in my own country that day. I realized that during the empathy walk I was quite curious to ask them questions such as: “How does a typical day look like for you? What do you do after school/work? What is important to you?“ I think, I was consciously preventing the Voice of Judgment to interfere in this “silent conversation”. I felt the urge to actually pick up the phone and ask these questions personally.
In summary, I learned that I was curious about the foreign and quite eager to explore questions with somebody unknown in order to start a dialogue.

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