Presencing Global Classroom – self stakeholder dialogues

This week, I have used the second exercise from the online course in order to invite 3 stakeholders from self Germany for a dialogue around their objectives and relationship to self.

2 stakeholders followed the invitation so far and I conducted 2 phone interviews: one with a member of the co-operative and one with a friend who has given a personal guarantee for the loan that self will get from the GLS-Bank.

Personal observations/conclusions include:

  • The Voice of Cynicism was trying to play games with me and it slipped through once but I managed to keep it out of the conversation for the rest of the conversation.
  • I was listening during the conversation for questions to emerge.
  • Once we had reached the last question of the outline „What would be the practical next steps?“, I felt that this was not the end of the conversation, I paused, and I asked another question we often use in Pioneers of Change dialogues: „After this conversation, what is your burning question now?“
  • And this question actually brought up the key insight for the whole conversation.
  • After the first interview, the interviewee made a comment that I hear from a few people lately: „This is a simple process with most elements not being new. A normal consultant can come up with such a process.“ How do I deal with this comment? Why is this process so fascinating and engaging for me?
  • During the first conversation, I connected the conversation to my current process of defining my role as „Initiator & Facilitator of Change Networks“ and to develop a social pioneer Unfolding Cards game.
  • In the second interview, I took the personal burning question from the first interview to continue the dialogue among self stakeholders.

The full interviews will be posted on the selfHUB blog within the next few days…

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