Conversations for Change

Through the online Presencing classroom, I have „met“ Deborah Goldblatt who is the initiator and director of the Youth Dialogue Project. I have just watched the 16min video about this inspiring project and would like to share it with you:

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Eine Antwort zu Conversations for Change

  1. olasofia schreibt:

    This is so inspiring. Thank you Frauke. Thank you

    I have had many conversations recently on this topic… there is a beautiful intergenerational journey bubbling in Pioneers of Change.

    In my work in South London, we are thinking about these topics in our community work..

    This morning, with the owner of the cafe across the road said to me… „my father is 77 and I can’t believe what inner confidence he has… how nothing surprises him…what is it about the older generation…they went through harder times?… they have a different perspective… and us.. .we are ..well…fragile somehow ………. you know there is a saying in French ’si la jeunesses savait, y si la vielliesse pouvait..‘

    This means ‚if the young knew, and if the old could…‘

    I think there is a paradox in our society… of worshiping youth … and yet… it is somehow empty worship.. it is a lie…. .. as althought the older generation are dismissed and shadows in our culture in many ways, youth are in so many ways not heard and not represented…

    What if we could find many different innovative ways for the wisdom from these two strata in our society to intermingle..

    someone said… ‚forget the middle generation..they are too stressed and too busy ….‘ it is the youth and the old people that have the time to heal their communities…


    here is to more of projects like this one… maybe we at imagine could link into older generations little by little in informal as well as formal ways…??


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