News from the KaosPilots

Hi there, Matti, it is so great to hear all the connections behind the scenes!

I had Frederik visiting us in the selfHUB last week. He was a delegate at Imagine 2005. We had an interesting chat about transforming the German school system and I told him about the course on sustainability education in schools that I am excited about to start in January.

Speaking of Ursel, I have just discovered this piece by her on the KaosPilot Netherlands website:

„Something about last week and the coming one:

Our first marketing client assignment: exciting! Especially if it is about a topic I am personally really passionate about: How can a company bring about organisational change, especially when this change includes a buy-in into a rather different paradigm? And: how can this company sell their services if the service itself cannot be completely defined upfront but will develop with the process?
We are working for DeLimes, who do consultancy within the Rhinelandic economic philosophy, rather then the widespread Anglo-Saxon model. For me the rhinelandic philosophy goes much more along with human values, it gives space to personal development and offers a possibility for people to love what they are doing. Wouldn´t it be nice if you would wake up exited about going to work every day? If you would look at your job as doing something useful, something that fits into the bigger picture? Something that you not only like, but that also contributes to a world you want to live in? Most people choose their profession for this reason, but just as many forget during their daily work. It does not have to be this way!
It makes me proud to be able to play my small part in this vision. Doing this as a taks from school and learning at the same time is even more thrilling!


Enjoy the Holidays and looking forward to see some of you again at Imagine 2008 in January!

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