Introducing Lars from the selfHUB in Berlin

On August 12, as every other day 🙂, I am taking the metro to work. Living on the former edge of the Berlin wall, around the corner where Honecker and Ulbricht used to live, I have to travel every day across the city to little Istanbul also known as Kreuzberg where the selfHUB Berlin has its home.

One of the Hub members in Berlin, Lars from Art, Ecology & Education, has recently introduced me to the  „Transition Town Handbook“ (see Transition Towns on Wikipedia) and I start reading the foreword and the introduction of the Handbook. The concept uses Permaculture principles, the psychology of social marketing and inclusive dialogue processes like OpenSpace to move people from feeling anxiety and fear in the face of ‚peak oil‘, to developing a positive vision and taking practical action to create a more self-reliant existence.

When I arrived at my metro station that day, I sat down on a platform bench to finish reading the introduction and was wondering

„How can that concept be adapted to my social change context of fostering social innovation?“

To learn more about Lars’ project at the Hub Berlin:

Sound of Sirens blog

ArtEcologyEducation YouTube channel

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