Introducing imagine/autumn08 agendateam: Sascha

Today: Sascha Altenhoff

How can I be part of social change?

After a long and exiting time in AIESEC I finally reached the end of my studies now. What are you doing at this point of your life? You are searching for new challenges. Imagine is on the one hand a place which catalyses this search.

On the other hand, for me there seems to be something fascinating deep in the        core of this conference.

So I decided to stand up for the position of the imagine agenda-manager, because I “smell” something interesting for my future here.

Imagine is based on experimental methods and concepts. The conference is part of a social movement, sowing new ideas in the heads of a young generation. This revolutionary touch is one reason for my commitment – I am looking for a way, how to live my passion (which is actually deeply influenced by the AIESEC-idea) in my future life.

The other reason is simply the project-based working style. You start with some basic ideas and a lot of time to elaborate them. You see the conference growing under your hands, you get inspirations from the world around you and “connect the dots” every time you observe some interesting. Coming clother to THE WEEKEND, time seems to run faster, the flow-feeling is getting more and more intense. You desire to make the conference something special and so your inner burning is becoming a really strong driver. I love this!!!

For Imagine I’m currently working out ideas, how to implement a personality test, based on Carl Gustav Jung’s psychological types theory, into the conference concept. Goal is, to have a tool for personal reflection, which is unfolding intense group-dynamics during the conference.

My most burning question, I will bring to the conference is: How can I be an active part of social change?

Connected to this question is to me: How are cultures evolving? How powerful can small impulses of change become? How is something like “ society “ arising? Were is my place in society? Who am I? Were is happiness in life?

I’m look forwards to discuss and explore this, but also other questions with you!

Your’s Sascha.

agendateam imagine/autumn08

Eva – Eva – Hendryk – Katrin – Lara – Maike – Nina – Sascha


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