Introducing imagine/autumn08 agendateam: Maike

Today: Maike Mulser

Where is my place in the world?

When I was a little child my parents told me about their “sponsorship” they had for an phillipinien child who was living in an orphanage. With just a few of this money that we need for live, this child can survive, will get food and can go to school. I still remember how touched I was by this littly monthly magazine the organization was sending. So I devided my pocked money into two parts with the same amount and let my parents know that I wanted to let it be send to the girl. I was really angry with them they just found it a great gesture of mine, but never send the money.

Even if this is long time ago, it is still part of my motivation which let me stay and work for peace and fulfillment of human kind potential with AIESEC. I am very happy that almost at the end of my studies, my focus area organisational and human resource management and water management, start to make sense together with my diverse experiences I made in AIESEC.

Imagine was always a special conference for me. The bare name has something magical. So it’s really great for me to be part of the agenda team this time and work together with so many interesting people. I am really excited about the “act” part of our reflect – inspire – act flow. To meet people with similar ideas and to start the first steps, is what I am really looking forward to because…

How to put my ideas into practise?

Where to put it into practise?

What exactly do I want to realise?

And also a very private question:

Where in the world do I want to live?

…are questions where imagine can give new impulses.

Which leads to my personal question for imagine in autumn 2008:

Where is my place in the world?

agendateam imagine/autumn08

Eva – Eva – Hendryk – Katrin – Lara – Maike – Nina – Sascha


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