Introducing Imagine/autumn08 Agendatem: Eva

Today: Eva Meerpohl

What will be my contribution to change the world?

At the moment I am at a point in my life, where I feel, that there is more than just going to work everyday – and that I really want to contribute to something in the world and create changes. But as well, I am still asking myself what contribution I can make. Although I have the idea that my field will be education, I do not know what to do and start exactly. All the ideas I have are still quite unconcrete. At Imagine a group of people is coming together that has common questions in mind. Therefore this conference really is something very special, where I can gain new insights and ideas for my next steps in life. Imagine seems to be the place where I can find these people who are searching for their place in the world as well.

Another aspect to be part of Imagine is my passion to design learning processes within large groups that are based on self-organisation of the group. I feel that at Imagine we enable a learning process, where dialogue and deep, meaningful conversations can happen. A collective, large group is coming together and through the process new energy is being created. The energy of this large group brings up new ideas and ways to start the future.

I am really looking forward to meet you at this conference to start meaningful conversations helping us to find out what our next passionate steps will be!

agendateam imagine/autumn08

Eva – Eva – Hendryk – Katrin – Lara – Maike – Nina – Sascha


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