Imagine 2008 – special guests (PartIV)

Today: Matthias Scheffelmeier

Dear AIESECers and friends of AIESEC,

The world is changing naturally, but change never happened as fast and as dramatic as in today’s times. We are the 1st generation of a truly globalized world – The problems? A lot!

The challenges? – Breathtaking! The solutions? – Up to us and others to be found!

The first step to change? – Inspiration!

Our session:

After discussing with you my guiding values and beliefs in life, I want to present you a project I started with friends of mine from Canada, the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines in 2005 that aims at using a movie we shot about the live of youth in the biggest township area of eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya to inspire people around the world to take action in their own communities. In order to extend our activities beyond showing and discussing the kenyan movie “Why should I care?” we founded an organization called DAMU that follows a vision of youth that activaly engages in society. Therefor we’ll also have the chance to talk about the model DAMU follows and criticaly discuss its vision, sustainability and financing.

Thanks for joining me – Im very much looking forward to get to know you all!

The organization: DAMU

DAMU comes from the Swahili language meaning lifeblood which represents interconnectedness. DAMU is the feeling of a bond stronger than friendship, deeper than kinship; that which one is most passionate about in life.

DAMU envisions a world where youth take an active role in society and have the support to lead successful futures.

Mission: We will achieve this by awakening the creativity and compassion of youth by helping them imagine an ideal world, and then connecting them with opportunities, peers and mentors that share similar passions.

How will we do this?

DAMU’s model is to Inspire, Connect and Impact the youth and communities we interact with.

Inspire. We aim to inspire youth through the use of social and motivational media, captivating performances, presentations, workshops and moving speeches.

Connect. We will connect youth to be a part of a global network of youth peers, professionals, organizations and mentors that are making a difference.

Impact. Our impact is measured by the expansion of youth committing themselves to the betterment of their communities, and degree to which private, and public partnerships are engaged in society.


Information about DAMU sessions:

Information about DAMU:

Information about the DAMU asia tour:


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