From the eye of the hurricane to the chaos of change

I was leaving Berlin for my first Pioneers of Change Global Journey after a week in the eye of the hurricane. As usual, we have been moving fast working for the selfHUB. Wiebke, the initiator and president of self, announcing she will be leaving for 4 weeks in October (the busy season), having an amazing “Hub Experience” workshop with German-Israeli youth and starting to question my place and leadership style in the organization.

Arriving in Athens, I met up with Julie Cultivation Team mate from Denmark and have my first yummy Greek meal in the old town with some meaningful conversation to start with.

One day later, I checked into the big circle of 30 people from 15 nations with these questions:

  • How does self-organising, self-selection or rotating leadership work in my work environment?
  • How can we move from discussion to dialogue?

We built the community on day one by opening the space with the question “What do you need to feel at home here?” I joined Maria’s session in the open-air kitchen to learn more about Axladitsa’s Conscious Kitchen – others went gardening to harvest some beans for a nice Greek bean soup.

Settling into Axladitsa-Avatakia, I learned from Maria about guardianship at Axladitsa and wondered “How would a Guardian Council look like for self?” and in one of the next circles I spoke to what was brewing in me: “How do I move myself from leadership to guardianship?”

Moving into stillness with the group…before moving into action…learning: we don’t make things happen, we wait for the right moment…finding a rhythm…what is my next level of pioneering?…

Moving up the U, action-filled conversations followed:

  • What’s working in Africa and what is my connection?
  • How to connect an Art of Hosting for children with my project idea of “Future goes to School”?
  • What are our key learnings in setting up Hubs in cities around the world?
  • How to bridge the gap between my skills and my inner needs?

I checked out of the gathering overlooking the Aegean Sea from the skyspace circle: “My clarity is gone. And I stand in confusion to get ready for change. Who will ask me those confusing questions when I go back to my work?”


More harvesting:

Harvest from Ria, Belgium

and Ria’s pictures

Harvest from Axladitsa-Avatakia

Harvest from Thomas, Brasil

The Green Design Festival Greece

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