Imagine Herbst 2009 – Lebenswege unserer Referenten (Teil V): Catriona McLaughin

Catriona McLaughlin

Foto Catriona

Referentin der Geschäftsführung DIE ZEIT ( & Vordenkerin im TT30 ( 

Catriona is a German-American media professional and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

At DIE ZEIT, she advises the CEO and manages publishing projects with a focus on digital development.

Before, she has worked with Egmont Publishing Group, where she was responsible for the Marketing and development of the Disney Websites. After University, Catriona joined EMI Music Group for the area of Change Management and Business Processes. Here, she was responsible for programs at the EMI Digital Academy as well as Online Artist representation. 

Catriona holds a German University degree (comparable to Master’s degree) in Social and Business Communication from the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). She also studied Media Arts and Production at UT Sydney, Australia, as well as German-French Law at Potsdam University.

Catriona is a Member of Think Tank 30 Germany of the Club of Rome ( and Member of the Young Leaders Program of Atlantik-Brücke e.V. ( She is Co-Author of the Book Humans as Brands.

“I look very much forward to meeting everyone and sharing my experience at Imagine on the 9th of October! I feel that there many of us out there who want to make the best out of this journey to planet earth and it fills me with joy. There is lots to do – creative change and development call for ideas and a vision of what we want to do and be –  let’s develop that together at the upcoming conference!”

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